Society After calling TV Encontro das Águas ‘crap’, Civil Police delegate apologizes

In a note, Fábio Silva apologized for the offensive comment (Reproduction/Internet)

Eduardo Figueiredo – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – After causing controversy by calling the TV Encontro das Águas, former TV Cultura do Amazonas, ‘crap’, the Civil Police delegate and teacher of ‘Sou concurseiro e vou passar’ Fabio Silva apologized for the speech that he classified as ‘unfortunate’.

“I, Fabio Martins Silva, humbly apologize to all professionals of the FUNDAÇÃO TELEVISÃO E RÁDIO CULTURA DO AMAZONAS (TV AND RADIO ENCONTRO DAS ÁGUAS) for the unfortunate joke that I used against the institution in a derogatory way”, says the beginning of the note released by the delegate.

With more than ten years in the profession, the teacher says he is ashamed of the comment, but stresses that he always strives to evolve. “I feel ashamed and saddened by my disastrous comment during the broadcast. I made a joke that has no kind of acceptable explanation”, highlights another part of the text.

“The situation that occurred will cause my classes to be extremely focused on the content to be taught, no longer taking to class intrigues and situations that have happened between employees of the institution ‘Sou Concurseiro e Vou Passar’ about parking Barcelos Street vehicles”, concludes the teacher.

Recall the case

In a video lesson, the teacher Fábio Silva, who is also a delegate of the Civil Police of Amazonas, while giving examples in a class on Constitutional Law about buying and selling broadcasting companies, used the neighboring building, the TV Encontro das Águas, as the target of offensive statement, where he says “I’m thinking of buying TV Cultura, here, this crap. It is useless, really”.

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Note signed by the delegate (Promotion)