Culture ‘Hienas na TV’: song performed by Elza Soares guided documentary about Manaus on Netflix

Elza Soares was the interpreter of the song 'Hienas na TV', theme song of the only documentary about Manaus on the streaming platform Netflix (Guilherme Oliveira/Cenarium)

Malu Dacio – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – ‘The voice of the woman from the end of the world’ who sang until her last moments of life also marked a peculiar part of the history of Manaus in the world of arts. Elza Soares, who died this Thursday, 20, at age 91, in Rio de Janeiro, was the interpreter of the song ‘Hienas na TV’ (Hyenas on TV), theme song of the documentary about Manaus on the streaming platform Netflix, ‘Bandidos na TV’ (Killer Ratings).

The song composed by Kiko Dinucci and brilliantly sung by Elza served as inspiration for the documentary directed by British-Paraguayan director Daniel Bogado. The product is, so far, the only one in the format that portrays Manaus on the platform.

The lyrics of the song resemble the story of the Wallace case, which the production portrays. Wallace Souza was a former congressman and TV host. In the series he is accused of being the mastermind of murders in the capital of Amazonas. The motive would be to increase the audience of his talk show.

The hyena is an animal that, besides its particular sound that resembles a laugh, generally does not hunt and steals the prey from the hunter. Any resemblance may – or may not – be coincidental.

“Hyenas on TV
This vision
Yes, I know they can devour
You can laugh yourselves to death
But laugh at the end, never

Documentary wins national award

The Brazilian documentary series Bandidos na TV, by Daniel Bogado and Suemay Oram, was the winner of the 4th edition of the Brazilian Screenwriters Association Award.

The series has the participation of the executive director of CENARIUM MAGAZINE, journalist Paula Litaiff. The award ceremony took place on November 5, 2020.

Politician and personality, the series also tells the moment that Wallace Souza is accused of planning the violent crimes he used to investigate and denounce on his own program.

‘The woman from the end of the world’

The news of Elza Soares’ death was confirmed by the artist’s press office. “It is with great sadness and regret that we inform the passing of the singer and songwriter Elza Soares, at 91 years of age, at 15 hours and 45 minutes at her home in Rio de Janeiro, from natural causes”, says the statement sent by the press office.

The text signed on behalf of the singer’s family and team highlights that Elza is considered the ‘voice of the millennium’. “Icon of Brazilian music, considered one of the greatest artists in the world, the singer elected as the ‘Voice of the Millennium’ had an exciting life, intense, that touched the world with her voice, her strength and her determination. The beloved and eternal Elza rested, but will forever be in the history of music and in our hearts and those of thousands of fans around the world. As Elza Soares willed, she sang until the end”, concludes the note.