Diversity In the AM, entities organize debate on Religion, Philosophy and Science against radical denialism

The action also seeks to propose a space for reflections, prayers and celebrations when discussing the theme (Art: Isabelle Chaves/CENARIUM)

Bruno Pacheco – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Civil and religious entities from Amazonas are organizing a team to articulate debates, open to the interested public, about Religion, Philosophy and Science in several spaces of society against the radical denialism against these areas of knowledge. The action also seeks to propose a space for reflections, prayers and celebrations, according to Professor Manuel do Carmo, one of the representatives of the Parintins and Amazonas Commission for the Defense of Human Rights.

“We are realizing that we need to visualize this debate via social networks, but in a practical way in public and other spaces. The proposal is that, besides the debates, we make moments of reflection, prayers, and celebrations, even in the squares and other demands. There are many examples of people and groups who have done these actions in the history of humanity”, explained the professor.

According to the educator, the debates will be virtual, because of the pandemic, but the plan is that the activities will also be held, soon, in person. The initiative is organized by five groups: the Padres em Novas Dimensões, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Cristãos no Amazonas, Solidariedade ao Abacaxis, Coletivo em Defesa da Amazônia Rio Mumuru Confluências Amazonas/Pará e Adjacências, and the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights in Parintins and Amazonas.


Professor Manuel do Carmo points out that, despite all the anthropological advances about Cultural, Scientific and Religious Diversity, the collectives have been observing that the limits of each area of knowledge in the discourse go well, but the practical and popular side is very challenging. For the entities, the discussions about these themes are fundamental for the salvation of the planet.

“On the part of religions there is still present the distancing and understanding that Philosophy and Science, these beauties of natural and human wisdom, threaten the understanding of Divinities and God. This is very present in the denial of science by a certain part of the religious society and others, where a certain partial radicalism of religious manifestations itself, not contemplating well the human, social, and ecological dimension of the fundamental aspects of religions and mythologies, of morals, philosophical ethics, and the work of science”, pondered the educator.

The institutions, groups, and people who want to be part of the team to start the debates just need to get in touch with the action’s organization, through the contact (92) 99977-8124. Those interested should send their full name and wait for a date to be set by the collectives about the beginning of the meetings.