Entertainment Meet Ednara, the AM riverine influencer who treats regional fish, makes flour and has 70,000 followers

The young woman is successful showing her daily life where she lives (Photo: Reproduction)

Nauzila Campos – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The Tabocal Coast, a riverside community located near Manaus, Amazonas, is home to Ednara. The young influencer draws the attention of Internet users not only for her beauty – which is obvious – but for her talents and skills as a cabocla (person of mixed white and indigenous race).

Ednara Ribeirinha, as she is known on Instagram, went viral doing one of the oldest and most customary practices for the riverside dweller: the treatment of fish. But even at such a young age and with ‘delicate’ hands, Ednara is more capable of ‘ticking’ a pacu fish than many big men.

Such ability has already earned her 70 thousand followers on Instagram. The cabocla shares posts in which she highlights her beauty, preparing flour, cutting cassava and treating all kinds of fish. Details: she still has time left over to be part of the community’s soccer team. The scenario is Amazonian, traditional riverside. In her house in Costa do Tabocal, Ednara opens the doors to spread the local customs through the internet.

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