Society ‘Sincere Seller’ wins over public and goes viral on social networks with an irreverent way of negotiating products

Evandro Silva has conquered the public with his irreverent way of approaching the audience (Reproduction/Instagram)

Priscilla Peixoto – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Living in Nova Iguaçu, in Rio de Janeiro, Evandro Silva, 26, has been successful on the internet. With phrases that have become slogans like ‘I wouldn’t buy it myself’, ‘It fell on the floor and it breaks’, ‘This is too ugly’. Evandro, popularly known as “Vendedor Sincero” (Sincere Seller), by speaking ill of his own goods at the time of sale, ended up conquering his clients with his irreverent and unusual marketing and his cheerful way of approaching the public.

Sincere Seller Profile (TikTok)

The seller who used to collect cans, saw success come after viralizing on the Internet because of a video recorded while trying to sell his products. “I was selling a keychain to a woman, I made this joke and she found it funny, recorded it and posted it”, says the young man who currently has just over 211,000 followers on TikTok, with 2.4 million likes on the app. In the social network Instagram, the salesman started to go viral recently and already has almost 27,000 followers.

The itinerant salesman says that he has been working on the streets since he was 16 years old, however, when he saw his sales decreasing, living with his mother and three brothers, the young man of simple life needed to develop a technique to recover the loss and ensure the help with home and family expenses.

“When I realized that this way of selling caught people’s attention, I started to use it as my own marketing” says Evandro.


Over time and practicing daily sales in a different way, Sincere Seller says that although income is fundamental, earning a smile and providing funny moments for others has become something essential to his life. “No doubt about it, but more rewarding than selling is to get a smile out of it”, says the salesman.

Besides making a living with the sales of ‘ugly keychains’, ‘candies and bad chocolates’, Evandro is part of the so-called ‘Ministério Fábrica de Líder’, an independent social project, located in Bahia. The project offers assistance to street people and helps drug addicts overcome drug addiction.

The young man has fun selling candy on the streets of Rio de Janeiro (Reproduction/Instagram)

“This project is very needy and we have no help from the government or city hall, and part of the money from the sales of these ‘ugly keychains of plague’ are destined to somehow help the recovery center”, he explains.

When asked if he is aware of the repercussion his work has taken in the virtual world and what his greatest wish would be in view of this, Evandro answers: “Since I was a child, something always told me that I would be known. Today, I really want to go on TV and participate in ‘Programa da Eliana’ and other programs. I also want to open a project in Brazil with a factory of leaders to take people off the streets and help reduce damages”, the salesman concludes.

Evandro’s way of approaching customers, in fact, is the key to the success of a salesman. The persuasion strategy is well known in the entrepreneurial segment. Psychologist Carolina Peixoto says that some authors use the term “reverse psychology” to refer to a persuasion technique whose objective is to stimulate the person to make a decision taking as a reference the opposite of what you are saying or doing.


“It’s the idea that the more you tell someone not to do something, the more that person will want to do that something. It’s the effect of the forbidden, of what is denied, and this can be used as a powerful trigger in sales”, says the psychologist, who reveals that she prefers to go further.

“To me, the Sincere Seller technique is more intelligent and fluid than just a persuasion and manipulation technique for buying. He uses something more subtle which is the unconscious identification process. As he personifies the archetype of joy, cleverness, and empathy that represents what is common in Brazilian people, he generates reciprocity with his public”, analyzes the professional.

According to Carolina, through the identification with the common difficulties we face, Evandro uses the joke as a fundamental weapon of his own personal marketing. “It’s like Belchior wrote, happiness is a hot weapon, and Evandro understood that”, she concludes.